Peer Learning Activity - Curriculumdesign

November 16-17, 2017

The Erasmus+-project The curriculum in higher education challenged, organized a peer learning activity by setting up a dialogue between international peers from higher education institutions and administratrions from eight European countries. The participants exchanged knowledge and experiences about curriculum design in times of major social changes.


Cis Van Den Bogaert, chair of the Vlor working group on Curriculum Design and chair of the Peer Learning Activity - Setting the scene: the discussion paper on curriculum design

Jakob Ravn, Copenhagen Business School Curriculum design from an international perspective

Curriculum design experiences from European countries:

  • CROATIA: Marina Crnčić Sokol, Ministry of Science and Education, Zagreb Daliborka Luketić, University of Zadar
  • UK: Judith Squires & Alvin Birdi, University of Bristol
  • FLANDERS: Lore Demedts, Artevelde University College, Ghent
  • FRANCE: Pierre Gillois, Grenoble Alps University
  • SWEDEN: Geir Gunnlaugsson, Uppsala University
  • NETHERLANDS: Silvester Draaijer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • ICELAND: Ásta Bryndís Schram & Guðrún Geirsdóttir, University of Iceland, Reykjavík
  • SLOVENIA: Veronika Gruden, University of Primorska

Filip Dochy, University of Leuven/University of Maastricht Critical reflections and interaction with the participants